Meet The Executives

Amani is a fourth-year student in Business Administration co-op with a concentration in Accounting. She played a big part in Goodman teams through DECA and JDCC and is hoping to have a career in consulting. She is looking forward to having a female voice to help lead BFIG and is very excited to see where the club can go.

Chief Investments Officer

Kevin is a third-year student at Brock in the Brock Business Administration Co-op Program looking to concentrate in Finance. He has been a part of BFIG and BUSAC at Brock and enjoys coding, running and travelling. Kevin hopes to attain his CFA and work in investment banking/capital markets. Kevin also hopes to continue his military career.   

Chief Operating Officer

Kriti is a fourth year Business Administration Co-op student with a concentration in Finance. After graduating she aspires to obtain her CFA and work in investment banking and venture capital.

Chief Financial Officer

Vijey is in his last year of BBA with a Finance concentration. He enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures. He's completed his CSC as he strives to become a Financial Analyst after graduating.

Head of Project Management
Lauren Johnson

Lauren is in her third year of the BBA co-op program with a concentration in Finance. She is interested in financial analytics and the stock market. 

Chief Marketing Officer
Van Geest

Matthew is a third-year BBA student with an interest in marketing. In addition, he has a passion for photography and graphic design, and hopes to fully utilize those abilities to benefit BFIG during his time with the club!

Assistant PM of Meetings

Christian is a second-year BBA Dual-Degree student at Goodman who looks forward to increasing student exposure to finance. His interests include travelling, cycling, and following the stock market.

Executive Vice President

Hiba is a fourth-year BBA co-op with a major in finance. She enjoys listening to podcasts, trying new foods, and has recently picked up an interest in learning to code!

Assistant PM of Social Media

Sammy is a fourth-year BBA student at Goodman concentrating in Marketing. After he graduates He hopes to enter the financial services industry.