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Executive Vice President - The Vice President, along with the President, is responsible for the development, implementation, and supervision of all BFIG initiatives. The position provides leadership and guidance on matters of vision, mission, and strategy and will assist the team in working through day-to-day challenges. The Vice President will support the management of the executive team and motivate them to take initiative and continuously work to achieve a high level of performance. The Vice President will work to ensure that all paths lead to success, while putting the interest of the Finance student body at the forefront of BFIG's actions.

Chief Operating Officer - The Chief Operating Officer will be responsible for BFIG's general operations and weekly meetings. As COO, you will be managing the content for the analyst program. This will include responsibility for BFIG's delegate and member training. They will also determine the best time to schedule training sessions, strategically present the cases/simulations to be analyzed and plan appropriate activities to illustrate the usage of particular skills to utilize during case competitions. Ensuring relationships are established with students to keep them involved in the weekly meetings, club events, and initiatives.

Chief Marketing Officer - The Chief Marketing Officer will be responsible for BFIG's marketing, merchandising, and branding. As CMO, you will deliver information to the members and alumni of BFIG through the use of interactive social media such as the Website, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. The CMO should also ensure that BFIG is being represented positively on all online platforms. They will assist in the implementation of promotional campaign ideas and provide feedback on the general public's responses. They will represent BFIG in a professional manner, driving traffic to the website and promoting our social media channels.

Head of Project Management - The Brock Finance & Investment Group Head of Project Management will be responsible for managing the portfolio of events for BFIG. The Head of Project Management will also oversee the team of individuals involved with event planning. This position will also require the creation of budgets and allocations for each event. This individual will also work with VP of Corporate Relations to set out needs for judges, speakers, and sponsorship.

Assistant Project Manager - Assistant Project Managers will work underneath the Head of Project Management to plan BFIG's major events. In this role, you will aid in the planning for guest speakers, and organize events. This position also offers the opportunity to advance within BFIG, as the current Assistant Project Manager will be highly considered for the next Head of Project Management.

Social Media Coordinator - The Brock Finance & Investment Group Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for running all of BFIG’s social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This individual will work closely with our Head of Project Management, who will inform the Social Media Manager of all upcoming events. As well, they will report to the President and Vice-President as
there may be additional information that needs to be shared over our social media platforms.

Podcast Manager - The Brock Finance & Investment Group Podcast Manager will be responsible for a fairly new BFIG effort. A podcast which serves to keep the Goodman community up-to-date with what's happening in finance today

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