Analyst Program

The Analyst Program is a place for individuals who are already proficient in finance to further hone their skills and make impactful network connections. The analyst team engages in a variety of activities including stock pitches! Some recent examples of these pitches can be found here. We would like to thank our analysts for creating these stock pitches and allowing them to be made available on our site for prospective members and future analysts to view! The following presentations are representative of the type of work regularly completed by the analyst team at BFIG.

Amazon - Ibrahim, Omar, Lauren, MK

Mastercard - Aman Juthani, Daniel Horszynski

Shopify - Kartik Malik, Trent Campbell

Note: Unfortunately, due to limitations with WIX, you must be on the desktop site in order to properly view the presentations. If you are on Google Chrome mobile you can request the desktop site by pressing the three dots in the top right corner and checking "Desktop Site."